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My Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Turkish Society of Nephrology, we have successfully finished the “Kidneys: Kidney Science in Istanbul” meeting held in Istanbul on 5 - 6 March 2020.

The meeting was held for the 50th birthday of the Turkish Nephrology Association and have representations by the major Nephrology societies ASN, ERA-EDTA, ISN and KDIGO.

Istanbul is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also the only city connecting two continents, Asia and Europe. This “special kidney science conference” has given us the opportunity to gather not only large kidney community, but also the best kidney scientists / clinicians in the world.

At this 2-day meeting, renowned kidney scientists and clinicians discussed current information, the latest sciences, and future developments / prospects in Nephrology.

This meeting was an excellent opportunity to meet and communicate with well-known scientists / Nephrology clinicians, meet friends and feel Istanbul.

Turkish Society of Nephrology was pleased to welcome you in this distinguished scientific event and on its 50th birthday.


Yours sincerely


Prof. Kenan Ateş, MD                                                                  Prof. Mustafa ARICI, MD, FERA
President,                                                                                    Secretary General,
Turkish Society of Nephrology                                                 Turkish Society of Nephrology



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